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I should work at Spareparts meme cat

Heads Up, Regina! Spareparts is HIRING.

So take your resume and good self over to Laura at the Cornwall Centre location, why don'cha?

Soooo… you live in Regina and want a great new job. Or maybe your brother, sister, or best friend is looking for a job and you think because they’re particularly awesome and have great taste and a winning attitude they deserve to work somewhere special. Well, you (or that person in your life) is in luck because Spareparts, Regina’s premier accessories retailer, is hiring both a Store Manager and a full-time Sales Associate. Read on for details!

SPCmmnty Eric Gryba Ottawa Senators interview

Spareparts Community Member Profile: Eric GRYBA

Hometown kid, NHL pro, SPCmmnty Member.

You might know Eric Gryba from his rather high-profile job as part of the Ottawa Senators, but he started out small with the Saskatoon Contacts and is still a prairie boy through and through. Dividing his time between the East and West,  we’re proud to say that Eric is a member of the Spareparts Community wherever he goes.  What’s the Spareparts Community, you ask? Well, it’s a cross-section of movers, shakers, and doers across Western Canada, all of whom live their lives with passion, leadership, and determination. Today, we proudly profile Eric, and I hope you’ll follow along on The Rooster as we profile many other #SPCmmnty members in the weeks to come!


Movie Review: Frank

Independent comedy starring Michael Fassbender is quirky and clever

Frank is a curious film about a motley group of artists struggling to find a voice through their music. Most people will be drawn to the film for its overt quirkiness, which it undoubtedly revels in. For example, the title character, Frank (Michael Fassbender), wears a giant papier-mâché head for the majority of the film. But beneath the quirky exterior lies a contemplative centre. Here is a film concerned with what makes an artist and whether sanity and creativity can coexist. The oddball aspects of the musicians makes the film fun to watch, but there’s a soul to all this that makes Frank more than just another cute indie.


5 Things to Do in Winnipeg This Weekend

Just because Labour Day has passed and some people are saying things like ‘summer’s over’ and ‘it’s fall now’, it doesn’t mean that we have to act like it! There’s so much to do and see in the city this weekend, so let’s party like it’s June with these fine events:


Life on Another Planette

One of the biggest players in Regina’s graffiti and street art scene right now is a lady that goes by the name of Miss Planette. You’ve likely seen bits and pieces of Annette Nedilenka around the city from the new La Bodega sign to paintings hanging at The Mercury and Artful Dodger. A few years ago, she worked with another artist to create a mural at the corner of 13th and Elphinstone.


Third Verse #126

Back with another addition of Third Verse!  There are some new shows out on the horizon and a few new releasese from local friends and homies!  We’ve got what you need every week, so be sure to tune in to hear these new jams first hand and get your taste.  Some excellent releases also coming up in the next month, which we’ve got a few singles for below!  Also!  we’ve got FM-phasis member drive coming up for CFCR, so I suggest you get your fees in and become part of the best radio station in Saskatoon!  Keep it locked every Wednesday night at 9PM on 90.5FM CFCR!


Hapa Izakaya

A Vancouver hot spot expands to Calgary

Hapa Izakaya recently opened up a location in Calgary.  Somehow this Vancouver favorite of mine managed to open up on 11th ave in an abnormally short timeline. I am guessing that because the space was an existing restaurant (Xocoloate) and that it made the renovations quite easy to move in and update the space.  If you haven’t been to any of their existing locations in Vancouver  or Toronto then check this one out. Hapa offers modern Japanese cuisine that I feel only matched in this city with Ki. Right when you walk in the door you are greeted by the entire kitchen staff as they all make it known that they are happy to have you in their restaurant.  The menu is designed for sharing multiple dishes with cold and hot tapas categories. Being a modern Japanese establishment it does not only offer fish and veggie dishes. There are plenty of beef, chicken or pork options. My personal favorites are the Karaage (boneless deep fried chicken in soy ginger sauce) Agedashi Tofu (ask for it spicy) Polenta fries, EBI mayo (tempura prawns in spicy mayo) and the Oshinko (assorted pickled japanese vegetables) and of course the Hapa roll which is Avacado, cucumber, carrot, asparagus, radish sprouts, topped with torched salmon and spicy mayo. This is their signature role and is worth it for the experience alone. As they torch the sashimi on the roll right in front of you at your table. No need for soy sauce or wasabi with this one as the flavor gets cooked in with the torch.   In the past 2 years Hapa Izakaya has received multiple awards and recognition in Bon Appetite magazine and Vancouver magazine. which included “best Izakaya” in 2014 best Japanese in 2012. The Calgary location is open daily from 5pm until late. The exact address is 816-11th ave SW. Give it a try next time you are up for some japanese fusion.


5 Things to Do in Winnipeg This Long Weekend

So, maybe you wore out your welcome at your best friend’s cabin or forgot to get your passport renewed and you’re left behind while your friends go on a little cross-border adventure. Perhaps you just like the little bit of extra breathing room in the city on the long weekend while everyone else is away. It doesn’t matter: you’re in the city and everyone says that there’s never anything to do on the long weekend. False, friends – here’s all the proof to the contrary in the form of 5 things to do: